Tasks can be done as many times as you want now!

Task Information
Task Easy
Task NameAmountReward
Crocodile1506600 Experience and 2500 Golds
Dwarfs25018000 Experience and 1500 Golds
Ghouls30033000 Experience and 5000 GoldsNEW
Goblins1006000 Experience and 750 Golds
Larvas20012000 Experience And 2000 Golds
Minotaurs40035000 Experience And 10000 Golds
Rotworms2009300 Experience And 2000 Golds
Orcs1506000 Experience And 750 Golds
Pandas503300 Experience And 5000 Golds
Scarabs35033000 Experience And 5000 Golds
Tarantulas20033000 Experience And 5000 Golds
Trolls1006000 Experience and 550 Golds
Task Information
Task Medium
Task NameAmountReward
Ancient Scarabs350150000 Experience
Apes45060000 Experience
Black Knights150150000 Experience + dragon lance
Cyclops30060000 Experience And 10000 Golds
Demon Skeletons20072000 Experience
Dragons300210000 Experience + royal helmet
Dwarf Guards45060000 Experience
Fire Elementals15066000 Experience
Giant Spiders250210000 Experience
Heros250150000 Experience + giant sword
Humans (deactivated)50030000 Experience And 15000 Golds
Lizards45063000 Experience And 15000 GoldsNEW
Necromancers350150000 Experience + boots of haste
Orc Berserkers35057000 Experience And 5000 GoldsNEW
Orc Leaders35063000 Experience And 5000 GoldsNEW
Orc Warlords250108000 Experience
Terror Birds5048000 Experience And 10000 Golds
Vampires500150000 Experience + vampire shieldNEW
Task Information
Task Hard
Task NameAmountReward
Behemoths300570000 Experience
Dragon Lords550510000 Experience + dragon scale mail
Demons6661940000 Experience
Hydras450510000 Experience
Serpent Spawns350558000 Experience
Warlocks400660000 Experience
Caelestis500720000 ExperienceNEW
Ancient Frost Dragons400565000 ExperienceNEW
Task Information
Task Very Hard
Task NameAmountReward
Betrayed Wraiths200626400 Experience
Blightwalkers200784800 Experience
Dark Torturers3001022400 Experience
Defilers250705600 Experience
Destroyers200540000 Experience
Diabolic Imps150420000 Experience
Furies300728000 Experience
Hand of Cursed Fates150720000 Experience
Hellfire Fighters250900000 Experience
Hellhounds2501020000 Experience
Juggernauts2001836000 Experience
Lost Souls250748800 Experience
Nightmares230534000 Experience
Phantasms180510000 Experience
Plaguesmiths3501080000 Experience
Son of Verminors150597600 Experience
Undead Dragons200993600 Experience