Ancient Creatures

What are they?

Ancient Creatures are more experienced versions of already existing creatures in Tibia Old. The appearance of these monsters is different (aged).

They appear randomly, at any time, from an Ancient Rat to an Ancient Juggernaut, next to their original versions. For an example: an Ancient Demon will appear randomly next to a regular Demon, anywhere on the map where is a Demon spawn.
You cannot block their respawn.

The frequency of appearance of the strongest monsters is less than of the weakest.
In comparison to regular creatures, Ancient Monsters have the following base attributes:

- Hit Points increased by 150% (2.5x the regular)
- 50% stronger attacks (including melee, distance and spells are 1.5x the regular)
- Attack probabilities increased by 20% (1.2x)
- Speed increased by 20% (1.2x)
- Experience given increased by 400% (5x)
- Regular loot given increased by 200% (3x)


Besides the great amount of experience given by defeating the Ancient Creatures, hunting them can also be very rewarding.
Ancient Monsters drop old equipment, such as an old crown armor, and old giant sword, old crusader helmet or old magic plate armor for example, as well as old runes: old heavy magic missile, old great fireball, old explosion, old ultimate healing and old sudden death runes.


These items are like the items back the older days of Tibia, and they aged like wine. Their basic bonus attributes for each category are:
- Helmets, Armors, Legs and Boots: +3 bonus armor.
- Shields: +3 defense bonus.
- Weapons: +3 attack bonus.
There are exceptions, like old leather boots, which is +1 bonus armor.
The image above represents only 14 of nearly 60 obtainable old items.


Ancients Creatures also drop old runes, which are more powerful than their regular versions.

- Old Heavy Magic Missile Rune: 100% more damage (2x).
- Old Great Fireball Rune: 25% more damage.
- Old Explosion Rune: 30% more damage.
- Old Ultimate Healing Rune: 20% more healing.
- Old Sudden Death Rune: 15% more damage.