A new season will take place on March! stay tuned for the next updates. A specific date will be given soon!
Raid lever rooms were modified: now they have windows, so players cannot isolate themselves inside of it. Also, Level 150 door at Edron Demons was modified to Level 90. Changes apply after the server save.
Today we added a new layer of encryption between the client and the server, working as another anti-bot measure.
We just released the command !compensation, to compensate the deaths that happened during the DDoS Attacks. Read more about it on the post below!
Our ddos mitigation has just been migrated to a new model, because of that, we may have brief instabilities as the new system is identifying the traffic of new attacks. It will be 100% stable in a few hours.
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We just released the command "!compensation", which will give you experience for each death between 17:00 on August 27, until 31th August 12:00 BRT.

This is a compensation for those who suffered from deaths because of DDoS attacks. Only deaths by creatures will be compensated.

Also, if you were level 70 or more, for each death you will receive a Blessing Scroll and an Amulet of Loss.

The calculation of experience is based on how much experience you lost on each death with all the five blessings.

Skip the Line in Oracle

To avoid getting stuck in lines at the oracle, especially on the first day, we put an option similar to the "bring me to" of the boats.
Now, getting close to the oracle, you can ask "please city vocation" and go straight to the mainland! For example:

please sorcerer thais

Now you don't have to wait for slow players to finish their conversation with the NPC. Remember that!

Update and Server Reset
The Server is now ready to begin another season: this Thursday, August 13th.

This update brings a main new feature: Daily Raids, which you can read all about here. Also, a brand new area, among the Ice Islands - the Upper Kingdom - was introduced into the game and you can also check where it is in here.

This means that now there are new bosses to fight, new hunting spots and tons of unique new items to chase! Along with all the major new features, multiple fixes were done in order to make the gameplay better.

Everyone who donated earlier seasons of Tibia Old Server will receive their points back - if you did, you can already check it out in your account and they are ready to use.

I hope to see you all here next Thursday, as it will be awesome! Thanks everyone for your support!

Rule Update
Rule update: bots aren't allowed anymore to train skills, magic level, or to make runes. Rule 1) was changed:

"1. Bots* Reinforcement
a) It is expressly prohibited the use of bots. May be subject to deletion or banishment by gms criteria.

*Bots also include: macros, hotkeys from outside the client, smart mouses, and any other software or some kind of smart hardware to improve gameplay."

DDoS Attacks
Guys, we are suffering DDoS attacks at the moment, the support team is already active to block the attack.
Possible deadline given by the support to solve the problems with attacks:
until Friday, March 6th.
Delays will be reported in this post.

Update 1: final part of the maintenance is delayed, I will update again right after I receive more information.

I apologize for what is happening. Hopefully we will recover our player base after the issue is solved!
Sincerely, Gabriel (Coffee).

Pessoal, estamos sofrendo ataques DDoS no momento, a equipe de suporte já está ativa para bloquear o ataque.
Possível prazo dado pelo suporte para resolver os problemas com ataques:
Até sexta-feira, dia 6 de março.
Atrasos serão comunicados neste post.

Atualização 1: parte final da manutenção está atrasada, atualizarei novamente logo após receber mais informações.

Peço desculpas pelo que está acontecendo.
Esperamos recuperar a nossa base de jogadores depois que o problema for resolvido!
Atenciosamente, Gabriel (Coffee).

Account data precautions
Guys, some players' accounts are being hacked, which most of them played on other servers with the same account name and password. I ask to players who did this to change their passwords immediately. Especially to players who had an account on the server called tibia-retro.

Pessoal, alguns jogadores estão tendo suas contas hackeadas, os quais boa parte jogaram em outros servidores com contas com o mesmo nome e senha. Peço aos jogadores que fizeram isso troquem suas senhas imediatamente. Principalmente aos jogadores que tinham conta no servidor chamado tibia-retro.