Today we had a maintenance ocurring on the server's datacenter. Due to some issues with new equipment, the server was offline today. Now back online.
Due to massive random PKing and less players online, the number of frags to red skull and auto-banishment was reduced. See server info or use !frags in-game for more details.
From now on, !share command will also share the Task kills among the party members. The same restrictions of Shared Exp will apply.
Fire devil pit room access in Desert Dungeon was fixed.
We had a massive attack of more than 1 million source ips targeting us. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
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Most powerfull guilds

Imperio Pombo

244 kills

Peace and Love

161 kills


108 kills

Show Time

87 kills

Rule Update
Rule update: bots aren't allowed anymore to train skills, magic level, or to make runes. Rule 1) was changed:

"1. Bots* Reinforcement
a) It is expressly prohibited the use of bots. May be subject to deletion or banishment by gms criteria.

*Bots also include: macros, hotkeys from outside the client, smart mouses, and any other software or some kind of smart hardware to improve gameplay."

DDoS Attacks
Guys, we are suffering DDoS attacks at the moment, the support team is already active to block the attack.
Possible deadline given by the support to solve the problems with attacks:
until Friday, March 6th.
Delays will be reported in this post.

Update 1: final part of the maintenance is delayed, I will update again right after I receive more information.

I apologize for what is happening. Hopefully we will recover our player base after the issue is solved!
Sincerely, Gabriel (Coffee).

Pessoal, estamos sofrendo ataques DDoS no momento, a equipe de suporte já está ativa para bloquear o ataque.
Possível prazo dado pelo suporte para resolver os problemas com ataques:
até sexta-feira, dia 6 de março.
Atrasos serão comunicados neste post.

Atualização 1: parte final da manutenção está atrasada, atualizarei novamente logo após receber mais informações.

Peço desculpas pelo que está acontecendo.
Esperamos recuperar a nossa base de jogadores depois que o problema for resolvido!
Atenciosamente, Gabriel (Coffee).

Account data precautions
Guys, some players' accounts are being hacked, which most of them played on other servers with the same account name and password. I ask to players who did this to change their passwords immediately. Especially to players who had an account on the server called tibia-retro.

Pessoal, alguns jogadores estão tendo suas contas hackeadas, os quais boa parte jogaram em outros servidores com contas com o mesmo nome e senha. Peço aos jogadores que fizeram isso troquem suas senhas imediatamente. Principalmente aos jogadores que tinham conta no servidor chamado tibia-retro.

Tibia Old Server Launch

Opening Date:
20th February 2020
18:00 Brasilia Time
22:00 CET

If you had purchased any premium points before reset, the entire amount of points are now in your account again.
Accounts without any purchases were deleted, if it is your case, you must create a new one!

I hope to see you all here, on 20th February!
Kind Regards, Gabriel (Coffee).

Server Reset
Olá pessoal! Como a maioria já sabe, passamos por muitos problemas nos últimos 2 meses de servidor, fomos alvos de enormes ataques todos os dias, fazendo com que perdessemos 90% de nossa base de jogadores. Dado o que aconteceu e para continuarmos nos mantendo vivos, faremos um reset para um novo começo e uma nova chance para todos continuarem aproveitando o jogo. Novos equipamentos para melhorar a capacidade da rede devem resolver 100% o problema e tornar o servidor totalmente estável, o que ocorrerá em torno de 20 dias. Uma data exata para a reabertura será disponibilizada em breve.

Todos os players que doaram terão seus pontos de volta em suas contas assim que o servidor for resetado.

O que faz um bom servidor é a comunidade e a nossa é de longe a melhor!
Agradeço a compreensão de todos e espero ver todos vocês na reabertura.
Atenciosamente, Gabriel (Coffee), 18 de Janeiro de 2020.

Hello guys! As most of you already know, we went through a lot of problems in the last 2 months of the server, we were the target of huge attacks every day, causing us to lose 90% of our player base. Given what happened and to keep us alive, we’ll make a reset for a new start and a new chance for everyone to continue enjoying the game. New equipment to improve the network's capacity should solve the problem 100% and make the server completely stable, which will occur in about 20 days. An exact date for reopening will be made available soon.

All players who donated will have their points back in their accounts as soon as the server reset.

What makes a good server is the community and ours is by far the best!
I thank you for your understanding and hope to see you all at the reopening.
Sincerely, Gabriel (Coffee), January 18, 2020.

Rules update
Due to massive multi-clienting players abusing game weaknesses, this specific rule has been reinforced:

3. Cheating
b) Intentional abuse of weaknesses in the gameplay, for example arranging objects or players in a way that other players cannot move them.

Reinforcing: on Tibia Old Server this rule will be strict, following mainly the below criteria:

Criterion 1: Low level players blocking paths shall be banned/deleted.
Criterion 2: Players using multi client and blocking paths, all the players with the same ip shall be banned/deleted.

Other criteria may be used depending on the situation. It will be analyzed by the staff member and the punishment decided.