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Valdir Valdir Of Valdir is guild leader of Valdir.
The guild was founded on Tibia Old Server on 12 June 2021.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Valdir Valdir Of Valdir
47d 5h ago.
6d 9h ago.
Valdir Valdir Of Veldir
24d 16h ago.
Valdir Veldir Of Vaidir
25d 4h ago.
Valdir Veldir Of Veldir
26d 1h ago.
Veldir Valdir Of Valdir
26d 1h ago.
Veldir Valdir Of Veldir
11d 4h ago.
Veldir Veldir Of Veldir
25d 23h ago.
Vintage Culture
8d 23h ago.

Invited Characters
Valdir Vaidir Of Valdir